DJ K. Mean

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side smileDJ K. Mean was born Karyn Alexandra Shanks on Dec. 10,1986 in St. Louis, MO. She’s been a lifetime music fan and at a young age put on shows with her younger brother performing hit songs of the time like Tevin Campbell and ABC. Her passion for music was harvested by learning to play several instruments. As she got older she began to collect music and became somewhat of a music supplier for her circle. She was originally dubbed MzXxXcLuEsIv because she was the go to person for the latest music and often made mix cd’s for her friends and family.

When she was a senior in high school she decided that she wanted to become an A & R, so when she attended college she majored in Marketing. After 3 semesters she decided that the classroom wasn’t teaching her the lessons necessary to reach her goals. At only 19 she started the first music blog exclusively for hip hop in St. Louis. Shortly after she joined the ranks on the street team circuit. Street team was an outlet she used to learn the music scene in St. Louis and build relationships.

In 2010, she joined the team at and has been dedicated to expanding it’s reach and it’s content. She’s has also continued as a writer. She has published articles in a local newspapers and many other sites and blogs.

In 2012, MzXxXcLuEsIv dedicated her to a life long aspiration, DJing. She had been practicing DJing in private from time to time for years and finally became confident enough to actually create a project. In May, Real Nigga Shit Vol. 1, her first official mixtape was released.

In the time since, K. Mean has released two additonal editions of the RNS series and started the Winning Never Gets Old franchise with DJ ASC. She is currently a member of the Heat Spinner DJs, Addicted Dopeness, and XSquad DJs.

More projects are in the works and because she is so creative she is always learning a new talent to support her brand, Mean Girlz Media. Mean Girlz is a company specialzing in brand management, public relations, marketing, artist development, and promotions. Regardless of the hats she’s wearing at the time, K. Mean aims to do everything well and as she would say, BE AWESOME!

Twitter:  @DJKMean